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Rogue River Fly Fishing Trips

A Oregon Fly Fishing trip for Summer Steelhead on the Rogue River is a fly fishing vacation that steps back into the rich history of Rogue River Steelhead fly fishing.

Rogue River FlyFishing

Flyfishing Summer Steelhead was pioneered here in the canyon’s and riffles of the Rogue more than a hundred years ago. Those early pioneers would take the journey up from Gold Beach, a trip of over 15 miles by boat or mule, traveling 10 hours to reach camp. Summer Steelhead would number in the hundreds of thousands, eager to slam a fly.

Today, travel is easier in our 22-ft powerboat; waders are lighter, rods, lines and leaders are much improved for Summer Steelhead. Hard fighting and eager to take a fly they run from 13 to 20 inches in size or 1 to 4 pounds with a few reaching 10#. We have over 40 years of Rogue River Fly Fishing experience for Summer Steelhead. Best season for is late September to the middle of November.

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Summer Steelhead on a Fly

Oregon FlyFishing – Lower Rogue River

Summer Steelhead is an anomaly among steelhead runs. Summer Steelhead return from sea at 2 distinct level or age groups the first referred to as the Half Pounder is very numerous over 300,000 per year driven by the need to feed. These steelhead very aggressive and great Flyfishing subjects. Summer Steelhead half pounders have been to sea and returned to with as little as 6 months at sea. Sizes run from 13 inches to 20 inches or 1 to 3 pounds. It is not uncommon to hook 50 half pounders a day with a high percentage of these lost, as they are extremely acrobatic when hooked. 4 to 6 wt. Rods in 8.5 to 9.5ft in length are used. We use our 22ft. Jetcraft powerboat to access fishing areas. We can set fishermen out to wade and cast beautiful Steelhead holding water or fish from the boat if uncomfortable wading. Best time late Sept. to first 10 days of November.

Oregon FlyFishing – Upper Rogue River

Adult Summer Steelhead are found in the in best numbers in October. Here Summer Steelhead run 4 to 10 pounds and require a bit more skill than the half-pounders. Up to 35,000 Summer Steelhead adults reach the upper Rogue. Upper Rogue River Fly Fishing trips must be booked in advance and timed with our other bookings as this is a very busy time of year, success is great and time frame limited. We provide rods, lines and flies or you may bring your own gear.

Time Frame: Sept. 15th to Nov. 15