July 23, 2018 Rogue River Chinook Salmon

Rogue River Chinook Salmon fishing is picking up!

Got mark out, he was happy with his first 22 pound Chinook salmon.  The fishing is still very good on the Rogue River at Gold Beach, call now and get your date to hook a big Chinook Salmon or visit fishoregon.com.

Rogue River Kings

Mark with his 22 pound Chinook Salmon

July 18th, 2018 Rogue River Fall Chinook

Returned from a month in Alaska on Saturday and started fishing the Rogue River on Monday for fall Chinook.  The fishing is off the hook, the prediction for the fall run is a very large quantity of four year old Chinook salmon coming into the Rogue River, they are here.  There are numerous fish being caught and they look to be #20 and over as advertised.  I fished Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and here are pictures of some of the fish.

Rogue River Salmon

David with a Rogue River Fall Chinook Salmon

Rogue River Salmon

David with a Rogue River Fall Chinook Salmon

Rogue River Salmon

Tim with a Rogue River fall Chinook salmon

Rogue River Salmon

Curtis and Darren with a Rogue River fall Chinook salmon

May 10, 2018 Rogue River Spring Chinook

This week has seen little improvement in spring Chinook coming into the Rogue river.  Over the week, daily catches were very slow with few boats catching any spring salmon.  We have been told that there is an impressive number of spring Chinook still expected to come into the river  over the next couple of months so we are expecting the numbers to pick up any day.  Even with the low numbers I was able to get Beau a nice #19 spring Chinook and Matt a #17 spring Chinook, we  had a great time as we were after all fishing.  Give me a call to book your spring salmon trip now.  541-347-6338.

Matt's #17 Spring Chinook Salmon

Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon

Rogue River Spring Sal;mon

May 4, 2018 Rogue River Spring Chinook

The spring Chinook salmon have been hit and miss over the last two weeks.  We had good numbers come in after the last rain but they died off.  This week has shown a continual increase in catch rates of springer’s but no big numbers yet.  May should show an increase in numbers as the month moves on.  Book your spring chinook fishing trip with Fish Oregon,  call Tim at 541-347-6338 now!!

April 16, 2018 Rogue River Spring Chinook

Rogue Springer

Spring Salmon

Fished the Rogue River Friday and Saturday, hooked four spring Chinook salmon. We lost one, released two and got one keeper. The rain has been bringing in more spring salmon and the numbers are increasing daily. Better weather will be here starting Wednesday and hopefully it will be greeted with lots of spring salmon. Get your spring Chinook trip booked now before the dates run out. 

January 5, 2018

Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing on the Rogue River

We had a good spring salmon season last year on the Rogue River and the fall Chinook season was the best in 20 years. I have no reason to believe that the high returns will not continue this year. With that, the spring bookings are filling up quickly, call 541-347-6338 and book your spring trip with Tim and Fish Oregon now!!

Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing on the Coquille River

2017 Chinook fishing on the Coquille River was at an all time low. I was still able to bring in a few nice Chinooks daily but the numbers were way down. The ODFW is predicting a 50% increase in the number of returning Chinooks over last year which will make 2018 even better on the Coquille River. Book your fall trips now so you don’t miss out!! Call Tim with Fish Oregon at 541-347-6338 and book a memory!!

Crabbing in the Coquille River bay

Crabbing last year was at it’s best, we were seeing limits daily for up to four people in under two hours. Current reports are that the crab are still here and limits are being caught daily. Call Tim with Fish Oregon now at 541-347-6338.