Striped Bass are here!!

Took Brent and Izzy out for a morning trip but we had a couple of seals working our boat. We hooked five buy only got two in the boat. Took them out again for an evening trip and we did much better (no seals), Izzy couldn’t make it to the end, he was worn out!!

2021 In Review

So, I haven’t posted anything this year and I apologize! I have been so busy fishing I just didn’t make the time. But, I think I have finally figured out the Striped Bass fishery which is where I spent all my time this year. There will be a new page for Striped Bass soon! Here is some photos of my year, the rest will be in my gallery.

We had some salmon come in this year and the fishing was good though we were hoping for a little better. There were tons of jacks in the fall season and the coho were numerous. As always we are hoping next year will be even better.

Thank you to everyone who fished with me this year and I hope to see you all again in the future!!